Is it possible to think about something, learn about or which was a part of your everyday life about 50 % 10 years back?


No, I'm not really talking about the way you lived whenever you were attending college. I know college days were different, full of fun, and so are never going to keep coming back. I'm attempting to point your attention towards something you can't do without now. But quite strangely, this 'something' was nowhere within the picture even 4-5 in years past.

Make use of your good sense, and it will hardly take a minute that you should recognize that I'm referring to 'social networking'!

Yes, it's the influence of social media marketing that has made all of our lives so different, therefore connected, you cannot deny. Now, you can not imagine your daily life without Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and of course, the brand new baby within the block, Google Plus. You can hardly spend a complete day without going online. Social networks have was able to become a fundamental piece of our lives.

With social media marketing coming into the forum, communication has improved, gotten wonderful to tell the truth. Nowadays, you can in-touch along with your pal in the usa through Facebook. You are no more necessary to put money into calls. You can keep talking with your friend for hours, the whole day if you'd like so, through different social networks. Skype is among the most best probable option when it comes to long distant conversations. Besides, with all the service like a chat messenger, you can even make voice and video calls with utmost ease. Almost all of the helpful for business managers who have to use throughout the borders. As an example, if you are being an IT supplier, and require to regularly engage with your clientèle, most of which is situated in United Kingdom and Singapore, you may use Skype. It will cost you a lot less, in comparison with what you'd have spent should you chosen telephonic conversations.

Social networking has opened the doors (and even windows) for numerous work at home opportunities. Entrepreneurs with limited resources can now compete with the biggies inside their respective industries. Online marketing is the numero uno weapon to defeat competition, and stay before their pack. Business networking has emerged being a platform where online stores and entrepreneurs will make the most of the professional connections and also develop new contacts. And, this actually is instrumental in assisting them achieve commercial success and enhance profits.


A new hyper-localized social-networking site named SgKakis is in town, aimed at localizing the social networks in Singapore. The site is geared towards the local community in Singapore and aims to hook up buddies, make the neighborhood a friendly place again and revive the ‘kampong spirit’ online.Through SgKakis, users can find a ‘soccer kaki’ for watching football with, a ‘shopping kaki’ or even a ‘makan kaki’ (makan meaning food friends).